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Leaving Las Vegas

     When taking a trip, you travel from point A, the point of departure, to point B, the point of destination.  If you travel by car, the road taken connects point A to point B like a line.  The more excited you are to get to your destination the less likely you are to make stops between the two points.  Just as the more eager you are to see your destination, the more you are less likely to pay attention to anything on the road.  At this point, traveling almost becomes like teleportation; transporting oneself from one place to another without reaching countless places in between, because in our mind, we hardly connect to the places between the starting point and the ending point.


     Interstate 15 can be thought of as the connecting line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. While driving about 260 miles along Interstate 15 to Las Vegas, our mind's eye is seized by the glorious, gambling city that we are about to visit, while our physical eyes are occasionally seized by commercial billboards that appear along the I-15.  As long as we continue to stay on the freeway, the billboards may continue to catch our attention.  However, if we were to get off the freeway, we would see more than just billboards and Las Vegas.  Our eyes and mind would be able to see in more directions than just one.  Then our mind could leave Las Vegas even if our physical body continues to move towards it.  It will change our travel in the end.


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